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Connecticut Solar Installation

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Connecticut Solar Installers

Getting setup with solar is an intelligent way to reduce overall energy costs as well as produce environmentally friendly, clean energy. Green Apple Energy specializes in complete residential, commercial and industrial solar installations throughout the state of Connecticut. We’re fully licensed, insured and bonded to provide just about any size solar system installation. When you take into consideration the huge financial benefits coupled with the reduction of your carbon footprint in the environment, the case for solar becomes exceptionally compelling to any homeowner or business.

Connecticut Solar Financial Incentives & Rebates

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Residential Solar Installers in Connecticut

The problem with your electric bill besides the cost is that it’s very unpredictable. Aside from using power in your home, you don’t really have much control over the monthly or future pricing. Now, this is where solar becomes of importance.  If you took advantage of solar, you could drastically reduce your utility bill in the present and future. Worried about the initial installation investment? Don’t be; Green Apple Energy offers a new and popular zero-money down solar installation program. This way just about any homeowner has the opportunity to start saving money immediately.  Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Save money on your utility bill
  • Help the environment
  • Noise-less energy
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Become independent of fossil fuels

Commercial Solar Installers in Connecticut

Make a dent in your company’s balance sheet! By running your business on renewable energy, you can not only lower costs significantly but can get setup into a future fixed cost model. This will really come in handy when electric pricing is going up, your business won’t have to deal with any financial surprises. These days, being eco-friendly is where it’s at. This means that hooking your business up with solar can give you a clean, environmentally friendly image. This will surely help with your reputation. You can check out some other popular benefits of having your business backed by solar power below:

  • Improve or change your company’s image
  • Save a significant amount of money
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Take advantage of state and federal tax incentives
  • Low maintenance/high reliability
  • Hedge against unpredictable, rising utility rates

Get Started With Our Five Step Process

Whether you operate or own commercial property or are a homeowner, we’re confident that we can make your conversion to renewable energy completely hassle free. We’re able to do this by following a unique yet simple five step guide. We utilize these steps with each and every client to make sure everything goes smooth. Before, during and after solar installation, you’ll see that Green Apple Energy truly focuses on providing you with the best in customer satisfaction.

Step 1 – Analysis and Consultation:  In order to determine your needs, our solar experts will ask to review your monthly energy bill.  We only do this for usage reasons to help determine what type of equipment you’ll need. We’ll also be surveying the exterior of your property so we can assess the most strategic spot for photovoltaic panel installation.

Step 2 – Proposal and Contract: After reviewing your information and working up specs regarding your solar energy system, we’ll put together a fully detailed proposal that will fit your current and future needs.

Step 3 – Design and Permitting:  After we’re clear on installation, our NABCEP designers will go to work crafting out a well-designed solar system that complies with National Electric Code and local jurisdiction regulations. Please relax when it comes to details, we take every possible piece of this process and magnify it so your 100% happy with the results.

Step 4 – installation and Interconnection:  Now the fun part begins, each day our solar installers will arrive at your home or commercial property to finish your system. They’ll be polite, professional, courteous and answer all or any questions you’ve got.

Step 5 – Maintenance and Clean Energy:  Finally, you can now start saving money and producing renewable energy.

Connecticut Solar Service Areas

Green Apple Energy provides professional residential and commercial solar installations throughout Connecticut, Fairfield County, Hartford County, Litchfield County, Middlesex County, New Haven County, New London County, Tolland County, and Windham County. We also service Mystic, Groton, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Danbury, Milford, Norwalk, Meriden, Waterbury and just about every other city, town or village within Connecticut.

You can reach us by phone at (866) 363-6567 or via e-mail. We provide service all over Connecticut and look forward to hearing from you.

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