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Massachusetts Solar Installation

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Massachusetts Solar Installers

As a leading solar panel systems installer, Green Apple Energy can truly help make a difference in your life. Whether you’re looking to cut down costs regarding the monthly utility bill or you’re concerned with your carbon footprint, we can help! We have a main office situated out of Boston and solar installation technicians available throughout each county in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Solar Financial Incentives & Rebates

Massachusetts Solar Incentives and Rebates

Residential Solar Installers in Massachusetts

Don’t worry about the process of residential solar installation. Although complex, working with Green Apple Energy can make it a hassle free process. Homeowners are switching to solar power all over the place. You might ask why, and the main motivator is money. However there is an assortment of other reasons.

  • It’s clean, fully renewable energy
  • Low maintenance costs and time
  • Quick payback on your investment
  • Free Energy
  • Monthly savings on your electric bill
  • Increased value of your home

Commercial Solar Installers in Massachusetts

As someone that either owns or manages a business, you know that you’re always looking for business related elements that are not only cost effective but efficient. Depending on the type of business or commercial property you’re dealing with, the power bill could be substantial. With solar energy, you can dramatically reduce your tax liability, provide long term savings, and of course lower the utility bill. Commercial solar panel systems could make serious sense for your business. Here’s why:

  • Dramatically lower your electric bill and even sell power back to the utility when your business has a surplus
  • Take advantage of lucrative state and federal renewable energy incentives
  • Give your business’s image an environmentally friendly identity
  • Get locked into a fixed cost model
  • Produce Clean, Renewable energy
  • Increase the value of your commercial property

Get Started With Our Five Step Process

Part of what makes Green Apple Energy unique is the direction we take in installing residential and commercial solar systems. We understand that in most cases; solar will be a brand new frontier for residential or commercial clients.  With that being said, we’ve strived to make the process not only comfortable but simple, and at no extra stress to you.

Step 1 – Analysis and Consultation: Our solar technicians will do an on-site evaluation of your home or commercial property to determine the most efficient plan toward installing solar. One of the first things we’ll check out is your energy bill to determine what your current and future power needs will be.

Step 2 – Proposal and Contract: After Green Apple has had a chance to look over your property and energy bill, we’ll do our due diligence to put together an expert proposal for you. This will include cost-savings information from state and federal incentives as well as preliminary design guidelines toward your new system.

Step 3 – Design and Permitting: At this point, we begin to start using our solar industry expertise. Green Apple Energy’s designers will put together finishing touches on your solar system design. It will all be in accordance with national electric code and local jurisdiction regulations. We’ll also work with our manufacturing partners to determine the best equipment to use on your project.

Step 4 – installation and Interconnection:  Now that we’ve been able to come up with a complete project overview, it’s time to get installing! Each day, our professional crews will arrive and work to install your solar panel system. Don’t worry about being in the dark about anything, before we start working our project manager will communicate a clear timeline as to when everything will be complete. Residential properties usually take three to five business days to complete while commercial properties can vary depending on the size and complexity.

Step 5 – Maintenance and Clean Energy: Yay! You’ve finally got a renewable energy system. There’s barely any maintenance needed, all we’d advise is that you clean your panels twice a year. Though rainfall can usually help out with this, we also offer a few maintenance packages to choose from.

Massachusetts Solar Service Areas

Green Apple Energy provides professional residential and commercial solar installations throughout Massachusetts, Barnstable County, Berkshire County, Bristol County, Dukes County, Essex County, Franklin County, Hampden County, Hampshire County, Middlesex County, Nantucket County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, Suffolk County, and Worcester County. We also service Boston, Cambridge, Provincetown, Salem, Plymouth, Hyannis, Lenox, Falmouth, Nantucket, Waltham and just about every other city, town or village within Massachusetts.

If you have any questions or would like to setup a free consultation for a residential or commercial  Massachusetts solar installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (857) 243-2433 or send us a message.

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