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Benefits of Solar

Benefits of Solar Installation

The sun is 93 million miles away, but you can harness its power right at home…

Solar is a Local Sustainable Energy Solution

By going solar, you generate your home’s power directly where you use it.
The clean and renewable electricity you are producing doesn’t just benefit your household, it benefits the community. By converting to solar, you reduce the demand for coal and other fossil fuels that would otherwise need to be extracted from the earth and transported long-distances to huge power stations.

Electricity transmission and distribution losses in the US are estimated at over 7%. There is no more effective, efficient, and sustainable way to supply energy to your home than with a residential solar system.

Going Solar Reduces Pollutants and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Electricity generated by solar systems offsets the amount of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be emitted by non-renewable fuels such as coal, natural gas and petroleum. Solar is the only renewable energy source that does not consume or pollute water. Solar is also silent – reducing noise pollution.

Going Solar Conserves Energy

The demand for energy is increasing at an alarming rate. Consider that for every British thermal unit (BTU) of coal or natural gas burned in a combustion turbine only 35 percent is typically converted into useful power (electricity). The other 65 percent is heat loss discharged into the environment.

By using alternative energy sources such as solar, which generate energy at the site of consumption, we can conserve fossil fuels and other natural resources that are non-renewable. When you consider that the sun’s energy is both limitless and worldwide, it only makes sense to harness it for the health and well-being of future generations

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