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Energy Efficiency

The Efficiency of Solar Energy

Reduce then Produce


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Reducing energy consumption through power saving measures is an essential component of an energy strategy for your home. Before and during the design of a solar system, we recommends implementing energy-conservation solutions to first bring down energy use. By using less energy, you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent waste, and optimize the economic benefits of your solar investment.

Many utilities offer design and technical support as well as incentives to encourage customers to install energy saving measures.

The state of New Jersey(REIP)require an energy efficiency audit as a part of the rebate application process. Green Apple Energy incorporates these energy audits into the energy consulting process to help determine the most effective measures to implement.In conjunction with a home’s solar system, energy efficiency measures can easily be implemented over time to further reduce your home’s energy usage.

Efficiency Solutions May Include:

  • Update to more efficient lighting.
  • Improve insulation and weatherization of walls,attics and roofs.
  • Updated heating / cooling systems and water heaters.
  • Switch to efficient Energy Star™ appliances.
  • Testing air ducts for leakage and repair.
  • Replace older windows with double-paned windows or window films.
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