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Energy Saving Info

Update Appliances

Replace (and recycle) major household appliances with   energy efficient models. Appliances as few as 10 years old   can use twice as much energy as new Energy Star models. New tank-less water heaters can reduce energy consumption by 30 percent.

Limit your water heating

Water heating represents a large portion of most families’   energy budget—in most cases, up to 15 percent. You can   adjust the temperature on your water heater down to 120°F   or “low” (check dishwasher manuals for water temperature   requirements). Also, install energy-saving shower heads and   faucets.

Regulate your heating and cooling

In most homes, the single largest energy expense is heating   and cooling—almost 50 percent of your utility bill. To keep   these costs down, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases   you produce, always set your thermostat to the lowest   comfortable setting in winter and the highest comfortable   setting in summer. Further reduce heating and cooling costs   by installing R-30 attic insulation and R-13 wall insulation.

Use compact fluorescent lights

By replacing your most-used incandescent light bulbs with   compact fluorescent lights, you can reduce your energy use   for illumination by one-third. These lights also last twice   as long as incandescent bulbs, creating less waste.

Concentrate on the kitchen

All the large appliances, counter-top electrical devices and the frequent water use makes your kitchen the biggest drain   on your energy budget. Keep your appliances up-to-date,   including using a refrigerator with automatic moisture   control, keeping it defrosted and checking to see that its   seals are tight. If you have a gas stove, make sure its   flames are burning blue (yellow flame indicates inefficient   burning of the fuel), and keep the gas lines clean. If you   have an electric stove, keep the burners and reflectors   clean, and match the pot/pan size to the size of the   burner. Make sure your faucet doesn’t leak, and cover   kettles when boiling water.

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